Sure to get your heart racing and that sweat dripping. We have multiple classes per week that satisfy all of your cardio needs and more!





Whether starting small or going big, getting those extra reps out has never been so fun! Experience resistance training in an high intensity environment.




Need to unwind after a tough week of training? Every Saturday we have a free yoga class to get your stretched out like never before.





Let that frustration out and unleash your inner beast. Our Sunday class leverages both traditional boxing and kickboxing, so what are you waiting for?

About District 5 Fitness

Want to start your fitness journey but need guidance on where to begin?

At District 5 Fitness, you can expect challenging workouts like you’ve never experienced before, regardless of age and fitness level. And with signature features like our Red Zone sections, you’ll hate that you love them so much!

Each class is unique and goes for about 45 minutes, structured in a way that will leave you enthralled and wanting more. With over 700 exercises, each having an on-screen video that shows every movement, rest assured knowing this is only the beginning and that classes will be cycled every 2 months.

The Red Zone will be a part of every class and is something that separates us from the rest. At points throughout the class, whether once or on multiple occasions, members will enter the Red Zone. To complete the experience, the lighting sequence of our gym will change. The space will be illuminated in a vibrant red, providing a visual cue that we’ve entered the Red Zone. Throughout the time the red lights are on, and together as one, members will all perform a simple exercise at their highest intensity.

Coming in October 2019 is our inaugural 6 Week Challenge, if you want more info, you can find it HERE.

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Membership Tiers

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Megan Crisci

Co-director and part time trainer.

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Justin Bonello

Co-director and technical expert.

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Jess Fleming

Full time trainer and powerhouse!

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Matt Stelzer

Full time trainer and fitness expert!

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