Jess Fleming

Qualification: Cert III in Group Fitness

As a kid my sporting history consisted of little athletics, state swimming, netball, and as I moved into high school, AFL. I have been the inaugural captain of two women’s football teams, Kangarilla and Onkaparinga Valley.

A team training environment and achieving excellence in physical education is something I always pride myself on.

In my young adult life, I developed some mental health problems regarding my approach to training and an exercise environment, and it stunted my progress for a few years. I happened to get in touch with an old friend who had become a personal trainer and I started taking one-on-one sessions with her. About 12 months later, I had a new found love for fitness, and decided that I wanted to show other people how important a strong state of mind is for achieving fitness goals.

My core focus is motivating clients. Helping people bust down their mental barriers as well as their physical ones.