Riot 2.0



Riot introduces boxing to District 5 members which will surely take the cake as one of our most enjoyable yet extremely challenging classes.

Members will work in pairs on a single boxing bag and take turns of performing the set exercises at each point of the class. The class will involve 9 total exercises broken into 3 stages.

Exercises 1, 2, and 3 will be completed by performing 2 sets on each exercise (1 set for each partner) and then repeating that process for a second lap, giving us a total of 12 sets (6 working sets for each partner). You will be given body weight cardio exercises to perform whilst your partner works out on the bag. After 2 laps of the three exercises have been completed, members will then enter the Red Zone for 45 seconds before beginning the same process on exercises 4, 5, and 6. (You’ve read that correctly – NO REST BETWEEN GROUPS).

Everyone in the class will be performing the same exercise at once. This enables coaches to work closely with our members and whilst perfecting their form and maintaining the class flow more efficiently.

* Please remember to bring your own gloves.