World Class

World Class


World Class is a workout structure involving athletic training over a broad spectrum of explosive sports. Focusing on extreme power and strength, along with agility, flexibility, speed, and conditioning to create a positive workout environment that should see members improve in all aspects of training.

The program will be relatively similar for the first 4 weeks and then the last 4 weeks will also share its similarities. Think of it as two 4 week training blocks – giving members a chance to remember and familiarise themselves with the movements and ultimately improve over all aspects.

For our clients who are still actively playing competitive or social sports – we hope you get to see some athletic improvement.

To our members who enjoy solely coming to the gym – hopefully we can see some improvement in your strength and power during our regular classes.

Groups 1 and 2 are our conditioning groups. Groups 3 and 4 are our strength groups.

Conditioning groups are run by the interval timer while strength groups need to block out the interval timer because they are run by individual reps. Members need to complete either both conditioning groups, or both strength groups, before changing.

Go forth, my athletes.